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Responsibility for implementation of the Mt. Coffee Hydropower Rehabilitation Project was assigned to the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) by the Government of Liberia.  The Project has been implemented by a Project Implementation Unit (PIU) within LEC, acting on behalf of the Board of Directors of LEC.

The Mt. Coffee Project Implementation Unit is a semi-autonomous entity within LEC that has been charged with the mandate to manage and oversee all aspects of the implementation of the Mount Coffee Hydropower Rehabilitation Project. PIU operations have been financed by the Government of Norway under a bilateral agreement between the Governments of Liberia and Norway, and a Management Contract between LEC, the Government of Liberia, and Manitoba Hydro International (MHI), a subsidiary of one of the largest and longest-standing electric power utilities in Canada. The Management Contract was in effect from July 2010 through December 2016. The PIU was established in May 2012 and will conclude in late 2018.

Liberia is one of seven main partner countries under the Norwegian Clean Energy Initiative, and the people of Norway have shown considerable commitment to supporting the reconstruction and expansion efforts of the Liberian electricity sector. 

The Objectives of the PIU are:

  • To successfully manage, on behalf of LEC, the process of procuring all services, equipment and structures needed to complete the rehabilitation of the Mount Coffee power plant, including overseeing the construction and commissioning of the project,
  • To ensure that LEC is in possession of the required operation and maintenance (O & M) capabilities to operate Mt. Coffee from the day of commissioning and to sustain such capabilities and ability to operate Mt. Coffee.

As the sole manager of the rehabilitation project and the single point of contact with the Owner’s Engineer, Contractors, Suppliers and LEC, the PIU has also been charged with the responsibility to ensure that the PIU has access to all required competencies for technically sound, efficient and effective project implementation including access to legal and technical expertise.

The Project Implementation Unit is headed by a Project Director who has been assisted by a Director of Operations, a Deputy Project Manager, a Finance and Administration Manager, a Project Coordinator, an OMT Contract Manager, an Environmental and Social Manager, and a team of local full-time staff.  The PIU has over the project duration been supported as well by part-time international technical experts contracted by Manitoba Hydro International. 

The terms of service of the full PIU came to an end in January 2018.  During 2018 the PIU has consisted only of its international management staff. The PIU’s other staff have been incorporated into the LEC organization.  These staff and their positions while within the PIU are given below.

Project Director Bill Hakin
Director of Operations Kristin K. Stroup
Deputy Project Manager Emmanuel A. Lawrence
Project Accountant Gaye Solo
Office Manager Hnede L. Berrian-Sillah
Procurement Officer Emmett E. Hayes, II
Environmental Officer Kokulo Yorgbor
Community Field Liaison Officers Pedesco D. Hinneh; Ballah Kezele
Operation, Maintenance and Training Contract Manager Gardar Gudmundsson
Engineers – Electrical/Power & Electrical/Controls Patroye Okanlawon (Controls),
Dickson Tarnue (Power)
Engineer  – Geotechnical Sei Evan Zumba
Engineer  – Mechanical Jonathan Gardner
Engineer  – Civil Dominic S. Gono, Sherron Sherman
Logistics Coordination Assistant Christopher G. Norh
Performance Monitoring & Planning Officer Jacob Ambrose Sherman
Operations Supervisor Decontee Quayee Wesseh
Shift Operator Trainee Zaupai Geiwoe
Shift Operator Trainee James N. Neamah
Shift Operator Trainee Kemoh Lumei
Shift Operator Trainee Nathaniel Dehnue Browne
Shift Operator Trainee Jerry Mayango Seepo Jr
Electrical Trainee Isaac Vanvine Brown
Protection and Control Trainee Musa M. Sheriff
Mechanical Trainee Samuel Awalayah Sannoh
Maintenance Supervisor Emile Karnga
Safety, Health & Fire Protection Baccus D. Roberts
Training Officer William P. Anderson
Finance Assistant Matthew K. Rogers
Driver Alieu Sumana Kanneh
Driver James C. Varney
Driver William Knight
Driver Christopher Minor
Driver Alfred S. Gbaei
Drivers Frances O. Loboe, Solomon Innes, Emmanuel Sackey, Sallie Forkpa
Caretaker Boakai Kamoah
Local Field Liaison Officer Sam Garwoloqui
Local Community Liaison Officer Frank D. Goodlin
Administrative Assistant Marvis K. Germu
Community Liaison Support Officer Ballah Kezele
Project Coordinator Luis Menezes
Environmental Manager Britta Lammers
Environmental Manager Claudia BRUSCHKE
Finance & Administration Manager Jordan Flynn
WASH Coordinator Abraham L. B. Freeman