Following years of civil unrest, the human resource capacity of Liberia was recognized as a challenge at the outset of the project, in particular the lack of expertise to fill technical and professional positions in the area of hydropower technologies. Against this background the project funders identified training of local employees as a vital component of the Mt. Coffee Hydropower Rehabilitation Project.

As the sole manager of the Mt. Coffee Project on behalf of the Liberia Electricity Corporation, an important responsibility of the Project Implementation Unit (PIU) was to employ, train and retain a team of efficient and motivated employees, all Liberians, to support the success of the Project. Through each employee/contractor, the PIU moved a step forward toward accomplishing its goal of rehabilitating the hydropower plant,  supplying reliable and lower-cost hydro-electricity in Liberia, and at the same time, providing an opportunity for more skilled and unskilled Liberians to actively participate in this project and ultimately, “Liberia’s rising.” Positions were filled through competitive bidding processes and opportunities were also given through these processes to LEC employees for secondment.

The PIU’s terms of service as a full organization came to an end in January 2018. All future hiring for the Mt. Coffee hydropower plant is being carried out by LEC.  Any inquiries regarding employment should be submitted to LEC and not through this Web site.