Resettlement and Compensation

To address the social impacts of the project, which included the loss of crops and agricultural land along the rights of way of the transmission lines and in the reservoir, a Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) with several Addendums was prepared for the project.  The main RAP for the project and reservoir was completed in mid-2013 and is available for download here.  However, new topographical information that became available in 2014 prompted an Addendum of the reservoir RAP.  The RAP Update Addendum was publicly disclosed in March 2015 and is available here.

Two further Addendums were done for the Mt. Coffee transmission line corridors in 2015 – 2016.  The RAP Addendum for the Bushrod to Mt. Coffee transmission line was finalized end-August 2015 and publicly disclosed and is available here.  The RAP Addendum for the Paynesville to Mt. Coffee transmission line has been finalized and publicly disclosed in March 2016.  It is available here.

A final Addendum to the RAP was developed beginning in March 2016 for the area of the emergency spillway, which is located between the powerhouse and the spillway downstream of the dam.  The RAP Addendum was finalized and disclosed in July 2016 and is available here.

Implementation of all RAP activities was completed by mid-2018.