Pictures of Ongoing work

The following gallery contains pictures of works as they have progressed during 2017 and 2018.  Please scroll through for scenes of the site.

The sections below contain older pictures from the early phases of the project.

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From January 7, 2016:

Dropping in the first thrust bearing bracket in pit number 3 at the Power House.

dropping 1 dropping 4 dropping 5 dropping 6 dropping 2 dropping 3

Completed Unit 1 pit, lifting of spillway gates for sand blasting, scaffolding of Power House, completed accommodation on camp, camp Clinic and installed Power House Overhead Crane.

DSC_2105 DSC_2184 DSC_2094 DSC_1919 DSC_2028 DSC_2123


From October 30, 2015:

Lowering Spillway Stop Log to control the flow of water in preparation of major sand blasting activities at the Gates – by Andritz Hydro GmbH:

The Spillway Stop Log Lowering 015The Spillway Stop Log Lowering 031      The Spillway Stop Log Lowering 014The Spillway Stop Log Lowering 022The Spillway Stop Log Lowering 020

From October 2015:

Major ongoing works in the Powerhouse:

IMG_20151002_084222779_HDR IMG_20150930_093928009_HDR IMG_20151002_084042538_HDR IMG_20151002_084432305_HDR IMG_20151002_084724344_HDR IMG_20151002_084855533_HDR IMG_20151002_085055078_HDR IMG_20151002_085358325_HDR



From September 2015:

Concrete mixer station being erected, Completed camp accommodation, Concrete Mixer, Site clinic nearing completion, soil being loaded for testing, Staff carry out soil testing at the Geo-technical lab on site, some equipment on site, safety around power house:

Rock crushing mixer plant Completed Housing Unit Rock crushing machine - site construction Site Clinic nearing completion Soil Sampling Geotechnical Lab Some Equipments on Site Safety measures on Power house


From July 2015:

Foundation to super structure – camp accommodation for contractors:

20150708_150300 20150708_150516 Super Structure-housing units One of the Housing Units



From June 2015:

Activities of the project have significantly progressed since the end of the Ebola Outbreak. Procurement for the plant construction has been completed, and the project management team (LEC and its Owner’s Engineer, Norplan-Fichtner JV) has been able to finalize project schedules.  Below are pictures of the foundation work for accommodation of Expat at the site, storage area and upgrading of road leading to the site. Other major activities on the site construction works will be documented on this page as it progresses.

Foundation works - new accommodation blocks for Expat Storage area for contractors by the camp Upgrading of site road


Runner for Unit 1 (factory acceptance testing in February 2015) (Voith):

WP_20150202_022 cropped WP_20150204_075 IMG_7540_bearbeitet_NEU

Turbine shaft (factory acceptance testing in January 2015) (Voith):

P1100417 P1100433

The runner band for Generating Unit 1 (Voith):


The runner blades (Voith):


The guide vanes for Unit 1 (Voith):

DSCN4468 DSCN4474

The step-up transformers (October; Voith):

T1 T2 and T3

The windings (October; Voith):

Windings G2

The manufacturing of spillway stop-logs (Andritz) in October 2014:

DSC00007 DSC00119 DSC00076

Civil Works:

The on-site rehabilitation works started in January 2014, with the mobilization of Dawnus International Ltd., the Enabling Works contractor.  Below are a selection of pictures of the Enabling Works activities, which were concluded in September 2014.

From July 2014:


The Irish Crossing constructed near the powerhouse to protect the cofferdams during heavy rains.


The downstream cofferdam.

From May 2014:


Aerial view of cleared intake structure, powerhouse, and cofferdams which enabled dewatering of the powerhouse (credit Airmed Liberia).


Aerial view of the advanced camp: site accommodations and offices (credit: Airmed Liberia).


Aerial view showing upstream cofferdam and spillway (credit Airmed Liberia).

foundation prep progress May 2014

Work crew preparing the cofferdam foundation (May 2014).

From February 2014:

140210 ph pumping 02

De-watering of the powerhouse is underway.

140210 ph pumping 02 dyke temp closure

Water is being pumped from the tailrace channel/powerhouse side to the other side of the temporary dyke, which also serves as a bridge between the two sides of the tailrace channel.

140210 ph pumping 03 dyke temp closure

This is another view of the temporary dyke.

140210 dawnus advanced camp area 05

In this picture the advanced camp for contractors and workers is being set up.

140210 us cofferdam 01 view east

Construction of the upstream coffer dam.

140210 us cofferdam 11 ds face wacker

A closer view of the upstream coffer dam construction.

On January 25, 2014, the President of the Republic of Liberia, Her Excellency Madam Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, officially launched the Mt. Coffee Hydropower Rehabilitation Project in the powerhouse in Harrisburg Township.  Below are some pictures of the event.

view of the powerhouse

The entrance of the powerhouse

bush devil performs

A bush devil performs in front of local school children.

inside the powerhouse made safe

Inside the powerhouse was made safe in preparation for the event

the president arrives

Her Excellency President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf arrives

President confers with Minister Sendolo

The President confers with her Minister for Lands, Mines and Energy, Hon. Patrick Sendolo.

president speaking

The President delivers the keynote speech.

President holds Randy to task

The President holds the PIU Project Director to task.

the audience

The audience of the event.

president unveils

The President unveils a drawing depicting the future completion of the hydropower plant.

the sign

The completed plant.

the PIU team

The Project Implementation Unit team.