Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy Announces Right of Way for Mt. Coffee Transmission Lines and RAP Cut-Off Date

LEC Signs Contract with Dawnus International Ltd. for Mt. Coffee Enabling Works
January 9, 2014
LEC Signs Contract with Andritz Hydro GmbH for Hydraulic Steelworks and Auxiliary Systems
June 30, 2014

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Survey and Resettlement Action Plan for the Transmission Lines of the

Mt. Coffee Hydropower Rehabilitation Project


The general public and all concerned or interested parties are hereby informed that the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC), through its Mt. Coffee Project Implementation Unit (PIU), is carrying out the Resettlement Action Plan (RAP) and continuing to conduct surveys for the transmission (power) lines that will connect the Mt. Coffee Hydropower plant in Harrisburg, Montserrado County, to the LEC substations at Bushrod Island and Paynesville Highway.


The Government of Liberia hereby informs the public that LEC maintains the right of way for the transmission lines for the hydro project, which are being re-established as part of the rehabilitation of the Mt. Coffee hydropower plant.  The power lines run along the Harrisburg, Pipe Line, White Planes, and Caldwell Roads, and include the following communities:


  1. Bassa Town Community
  2. Boakai Town Community
  3. Bong Mines Bridge Community
  4. Caldwell Community
  5. Cassava Town Community
  6. December Town Community
  7. Gbowees Town Community
  8. Harrisburg Community
  9. Joe Bar Community
  10. Logan Town Community
  11. Louisiana Community
  12. Pipeline Community
  13. Poultry Hill Community
  14. Salvation Army Community
  15. Tarpeh Town Community
  16. White Plains Community
  17. Yarquay Town Community


LEC’s right of way includes the towers that carry the lines, and the area beneath the lines.  The towers are very tall and will pass over buildings in populated areas.  For safety reasons, the lines will be at least 7 meters from the top of any building underneath the line.  No buildings are expected to be removed to construct the towers or the lines, but the survey is needed to confirm this.  For safety reasons, trees that are taller than 4 meters will need to be removed.  In addition, during the survey works and during construction, there will be the need for temporary vegetation clearing to access the tower locations and to carry the line from one tower to the next tower.


In keeping with Section 11 of the Environmental Protection and Management Law of the Republic of Liberia (2003), the World Bank’s Safeguard Policy on Involuntary Resettlement (OP 4.12), and the guidelines of the Mt. Coffee project funders, LEC will ensure that compensation will be made to all persons whose assets will be affected or lost due to the project. Citizens within the right of way of the work should not be alarmed.  The Government of Liberia asks its citizens for their full cooperation so that the work may be carried out quickly and safely.


Beginning on Monday, February 24, 2014, to facilitate the construction of the LEC transmission lines along the Harrisburg, Pipe Line, White Planes and Caldwell Roads, LEC will begin surveying where towers will be placed.  This surveying activity will include limited bush cutting and some land clearing along these roads.  In addition, testing of the soil in the location of the towers will require drilling into the ground.  Some of this work is being done at night.  This is necessary due to the very fast speed of the project.  The Government of Liberia has committed to producing the first power from the Mt. Coffee hydropower plant by December 2015.


To carry out these works, LEC and its partners have secured the services of the following companies:


  1. CEDA LIBERIA—to carry out the Resettlement Action Plan.
  2. GMAPS—to carry out the surveying for placement of the towers, which includes bush clearing.
  3. Dawnus International Ltd.—to conduct soil testing in the location of some of the towers.


Representatives of the Mt. Coffee Project Implementation Unit at LEC will accompany these teams at their work sites.  The Government of Liberia asks for full cooperation of all persons to allow access of the above parties to their properties when it is requested.  Should access not be allowed by any person, the Government reserves the right to involve the National Police.


This announcement also serves to notify the general public and all concerned parties that the inventory of assets in the areas to be occupied by the project will be carried out beginning on February 24, 2014.  Therefore, February 24, 2014 is considered the official cut-off date for the Resettlement Action Plan—any development or property improvement undertaken after this date will not be eligible for compensation under the Mt. Coffee project.


An Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) and Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP) for the transmission lines have already been finalized and made public.  The ESIA, ESMP and RAP will guide LEC in implementing environmental and social impact mitigation measures for the Mt. Coffee Hydropower Project.  LEC will make available the Resettlement Action Plan for public review and comment prior to finalization. Public hearings will be held with affected communities starting in late March and April 2014.


Any individuals with concerns or questions regarding the transmission line survey or RAP works may contact the Mt. Coffee PIU at 0886 887 812.